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WHEELS OF REVELATION – A road movie featuring Siena Root

5.00 Including TAX / VAT

38 minutes playing time.
Movie available from 23.02.2023, 9 p.m. CET.
presale tickets available now!


Siena Root left the city to record a new full length album last year. This journey and the creation of this album was captured in a feature movie. It’s a story of how a psychedelic rock band leaves the concrete jungle for the peace and love of the Nordic woods. Along the road, the band finds the musical inspiration on a horse back and by a quiet lake.

The audience of this movie is treated with an insight of Siena Roots creative process and the recording of their root rock music. This is both a road movie and a music documentary with a great soundtrack from the album, Revelation. Once again, Siena Root make a new dynamic interpretation of root rock, incorporating strong acoustic melodies.

This release is supported by Swedish Arts Council.

Directed by Linus Grane & Siena Root
Executive producers Siena Root & Root Rock Records
Director of photography Linus Grane
Visual animations by Mai Alneng
Assistant photographer Karim Golestaneh
Film edited by Linus Grane, Mai Alneng, Love Forsberg & Zubaida Solid
Location coordinators Ulf Andersson, Ola Höglund
Make up by Miranda Welin
Sound recorded at Omnivox, Silence & Root Rock Studios by Anders Lind, Ola Höglund, Per Ängkvist, Sam Riffer & Love Forsberg
Sound mix Root Rock Studios, Stockholm
Audio mastering Cutting Room, Stockholm by Björn Engelman, Sam Riffer & Love Forsberg
Music written by Siena Root
Starring Sam Riffer, Love Forsberg, Zubaida Solid & Johan Borgström
Obs! Ljudfilm – Root Rock Records ℗ © – 2023

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WHEELS OF REVELATION – A road movie featuring Siena Root
5.00 Including TAX / VAT
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